Did you know that God is in the business of multiplication?

Dear Friends,

As you may have heard, our commitments to the Multiply campaign currently total a little over $7.6 million, which is by far the largest single campaign in Trinity’s history.

While we did not reach the church-wide $12 million goal, this is a tremendous step forward for both our current needs as well as our forward vision, and I cannot thank our campaign leadership enough for their hard work over this past year. Had we reached the goal, our next steps would be obvious, but our results have prompted some “going back to the drawing board” over these next few months.

Now that we have some idea of our resources, our Building Committee, in partnership with Williams-Blackstock (our design firm) and Brasfield & Gorrie (our contractor), have begun the long process of refining both the overall cost and scope of our building project. We want to understand all of our options going forward, and make choices that reflect our vision for the future, responsible stewardship of these pledges, and Spirit-driven prayer.  Our finance sub-team has begun meeting with potential lenders to explore our options relative to financing, so that we can obtain both the best possible loan as well as understand the implications construction debt could have on our operating budget.

The Building Committee is clear that our priorities as a church are the HVAC/mechanical replacement as well as an expanded contemporary worship space/children’s ministry area. Because of the extensive impact of the proposed children’s ministry/Contact addition, and the number of existing spaces that are affected by that single element of the project, one of the challenges going forward is to define a reasonable stopping point, both logistically and financially.  I am confident that we have assembled an incredible team from within and outside the congregation, and look forward to the results of their hard work.

All that said, I covet your prayers for and your patience with our leadership during these next few months. Our intent is to be thorough, prayerful, and accurate in all of our communication around this exciting and historic crossroads in our church’s ministry. As we receive information, we will use every method available to us to make sure it is passed on to the church family, but many of those details and decisions have to come on their own timeline.

To that end, Mark Limbaugh, our Building Committee chairperson, will be giving status updates on the first Sunday of the month in Wesley Hall during the Sunday School hour (9:45 AM) beginning in May. The feedback sessions that were held during the campaign proved to be tremendously valuable in determining the priorities of our church family, and that feedback has played a significant role in our ongoing discussions.  These first Sunday meetings will offer anyone interested a chance to hear the latest news on the project and anticipated next steps.

One of our summer Administrative Board meetings will be designated as a charge conference, and during that meeting, the church leadership will have a final vote on loan terms and overall scope of the project. If everything proceeds according to schedule, we anticipate breaking ground on renovations sometime early in the fall. Even as we speak, we are renovating the gym so that it can be used as a worship space for Contact, and I think you will be really pleased with its new “makeover.” With the support of the Child Development Center, the Trustees were able to complete this project without using any of the capital campaign funds, and I think we can all agree the gym deserved a little update.

Every day, this building is bustling with life, ministry, and vision, as hearts are changed and families transformed by the saving love of Jesus Christ. On the other side of all this hard work, sacrifice, and discernment, Trinity’s best days lie in wait for us. I can’t wait to get there with you.

Rev. Brian Erickson


June 3 Building Update Session

Watch the June 3 Building Update Session here.



This Is Multiply

We are praying continually for God’s discernment and blessings on our attempt to advance his Kingdom on earth. What started out as a leaking pipe has turned into a major renovation. Were we to spend over a million dollars just to fix an issue and leave our building and future more or less the same, or would we look to God to use this opportunity to build anew and reach more for Christ? We are asking our members for a pledge of financial support to help make this vision a reality.


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